Leading Provider of Surface and Borehole Geophysics

Bedrock Profiling and Sinkhole Evaluations


AGS provides bedrock profiling and sinkhole evaluation services for varying purposes. Our clients typically utilize these services to meet environmental and engineering objectives such as the estimation of rock volumes, the identification of hazardous geologic conditions, pre-construction surveying, environmental site assessments, and more. There are several geophysical methods that are used to determine specific geologic properties or characteristics, and AGS has the ability to provide high quality consulting services to meet your objectives.


  • Depth to bedrock
  • Sinkholes/voids (air or water-filled)
  • Stratagraphic profiling
  • Determine rippability
  • Overburden thickness
  • Determine elastic properties (shear or bulk moduli)
  • Identify pinnacles
  • Water table mapping
  • Fracture/fault identification