Leading Provider of Surface and Borehole Geophysics

Borehole Logging Services

AGS offers a full collection of borehole geophysical services to meet varying client objectives. Borehole geophysical methods are applied to measure specific physical properties of the soil, rock, fluid, and construction characteristics associated with a particular wellbore. This method involves the lowering of instruments (or probes) that contain sensors into a borehole in order to determine and record specific parameters associated with the surrounding material.

Borehole Geophysics Can Identify:

  • Groundwater Producing or Receiving Zones
  • Lithology Correlation/Geologic Structure
  • Stratigraphic Correlation/Depositional Environment
  • Formation Fractures and Orientation
  • Joints or Discontinuities
  • Borehole Diameter
  • Breakout Zones
  • Depth to Groundwater
  • Well Construction Information
  • Relative Porosity/Permeability
  • Hazardous Waste Evaluation
  • Water Quality