Leading Provider of Surface and Borehole Geophysics

Concrete Inspections


AGS provides non-destructive concrete evaluation and imaging services utilizing highly experienced field staff and the latest Ground Penetrating Radar instrumentation to:

  • Clear coring locations of embedded utilities or obstructions
  • Locate and map re-bar
  • Determine slab thicknesses
  • Examine the structural integrity of roads, bridges and buildings
  • Verify construction specifications
  • Locate and map pre-stressed members
  • Identify voids
  • Determine success of void grouting
  • Map utility chases in building walls
  • Identify penetrative cracks

The real-time results provided by GPR methods are ideal for rapid turn-around and flexibility required during concrete coring operations. In addition to performing a real-time mark out of rebar, tension cables, and conduits during active construction, AGS can provide maps (or overlays to existing AutoCAD plots)  identifying and documenting additional object locations and depths.