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Underground Storage Tank Detection

Underground Storage Tank (UST) detection services provided by AGS are conducted using the latest and most effective technology available. AGS employs multiple methods during the survey to ensure a thorough and complete investigation is being conducted. Not all sites are the same, and AGS can provide its clients with the assurance that a detailed and cost-effective survey will be designed accordingly, and conducted appropriately. AGS can provide both on-site scanning and mark-out’s, and/or detailed and annotated site maps with contoured electromagnetic (EM) data.

AGS conducts UST detection surveys with the following instrumentation to identify the presence or absence of suspected UST’s:

  • Geonics EM31 Frequency Domain and/or Geonics EM61 Time Domain systems
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Fisher TW-6 M-Scope

UST detection services provided by AGS are conducted by consulting Geophysicists who possess detailed knowledge of each instrument, and have the capabilities to both troubleshoot and problem solve in the field.