Leading Provider of Surface and Borehole Geophysics


Robert Mundt, MBA


Mr. Mundt has seventeen years of management experience as the President of AGS, and sixteen years of management experience in the paper distribution industry. The positions held varied from font-line logistics management, sales management, and general management to corporate worldwide operations management. The most recent position involved overseeing the operations of over 200 worldwide facilities. Responsibilities for the position included interfacing with numerous governmental regulatory agencies such as the DOT for transportation of hazardous materials, the EPA for underground storage (installation and removal), and OSHA for health and safety training and compliance. Additional responsibilities included the design, layout and construction of all new facilities, which required environmental and geological site assessment. Mr. Mundt has a B.S. in computer science from Syracuse University, and an MBA from Pennsylvania State University.

Donald Jagel, P.G.

Principal Geophysicist and Branch Manager

Mr. Jagel has been a Geophysicist with AGS since 1999. He has an M.S. in Geological Sciences with a concentration in geophysics from Rutgers University, and is a licensed Professional Geologist in Pennsylvania. Mr. Jagel brings over 30 years of experience conducting geophysical, geological, and environmental investigations for governmental agencies and private industries.  Prior to joining AGS he worked for the State of New Jersey and a well respected environmental firm.  Investigations conducted include using geophysical methods for regional water resource mapping, delineation of salt water intrusions, tidal dredge material evaluation, evaluation of existing structures, location of buried objects and utilities, quarry planning, and mine stabilization. His responsibilities have included project management and field oversight, geophysical survey design, data collection, computer analysis, interpretation and final report preparation. Projects that Mr. Jagel has been directly responsible for have utilized the following geophysical technologies: MASW, seismic refraction, seismic reflection, borehole geophysics, resistivity/IP, very low frequency (VLF), frequency domain electromagnetics (EM), gravity, magnetics, transient electromagnetics (TEM), and ground penetrating radar (GPR).

Roark Smith, PGp.

Principal Geophysicist and Branch Manager

Mr. Smith has been a Senior Geophysicist at AGS since 2005, and has a B.A. in Geology from San Francisco State University. As a California Registered Geophysicist, Mr. Smith hasprovided services in the areas of geophysics, geology, and scientific computing in environmental, engineering, and petroleum exploration applications since 1981. His responsibilities include extensive field exploration, data analysis, project management, and report writing. As a technical team leader responsible for geophysical survey design and data acquisition, he conducts ground-penetrating radar, magnetic and electromagnetic surveys to locate buried objects and map the extent of subsurface disposal sites. For groundwater and lithologic investigations, Mr. Smith conducts electrical resistivity surveys and collects borehole geophysical data to delineate aquifers and geologic strata. For geotechnical investigations, he performs seismic refraction surveys to map bedrock depth and configuration and assess rippability. He conducts seismic surface wave and down- and crosshole seismic surveys for in-situ assessments of subsurface elastic properties for engineering analysis and UBC/IBC site classification. He is experienced performing investigations to detect and map MEC (munitions and explosives of concern) at former military training sites, and is also experienced interpreting seismic reflection data to produce contour maps of subsurface geologic structures.

Mr. Smith also routinely uses computer geoscience applications for data reduction, analysis, and presentation graphics. He is well versed in the use of 3D visualization software, CADD, geophysical modeling software, and a variety of computer contouring systems.

Christopher Call, P.G.

Senior Geophysicist

Mr. Call has been a Project Geophysicist with AGS for 9 years. He has a B.S degree in Geology/Geophysics from the University of Arizona, and an M.S. in Earth and Environmental Science from Lehigh University. Technical project experience includes geophysical survey design, data acquisition, processing, and interpretation of numerous surface and borehole geophysical techniques. Mr. Call has been directly responsible for having utilized the following geophysical technologies and methods: electrical resistivity, seismic reflection/refraction, electromagnetics (EM31 and EM61), Global Positioning Systems, ground penetrating radar (GPR), and multiple borehole geophysical techniques.

Greg Fournier

Project Geophysicist

Mr. Fournier has been a Project Geophysicist with AGS since 2015. He has a B.S. in Geology from Kutztown University. Prior to coming to AGS Mr. Fournier worked for 5 years at a well respected geophysical firm in Pennsylvania. Technical experience includes geophysical investigation design, data acquisition, data quality control, processing, and interpretation of multiple geophysical techniques. Mr. Fournier has been directly responsible with utilizing the following geophysical technologies: microgravity, seismic refraction, multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW), electrical resistivity, electromagnetics (EM31 and EM61), ground penetrating radar (GPR), spontaneous potential (SP), and multiple borehole geophysical technologies. Mr. Fournier has utilized these geophysical technologies for karst and sinkhole investigations, top of rock and rippability surveys, in-situ assesments of sub-surface elastic properties, ground water and fracture trace investigations, underground storage tank (UST) investigations, and dam seepage investigations.